a description of Feelings Run Faster

Feelings Run Faster is a book about understanding daily life through a perspective informed by cognitive neuroscience and psychology and taking İstanbul as an example.  Search for a meaning has been this age’s main task for anyone who wants to live beyond survival, and I want to contribute to this effort.
My views in the book have been shaped by the local (mainly İstanbul) where I have lived and worked for a long time, however,  their roots can be detected in either scientific findings or clinical observations that may be viewed as universal. I hope I will be read by both groups, locals and visitors, short-term or long-term.
In summary, I wanted Feelings Run Faster to be a voice from here, Istanbul, about minor but important aspects of life everywhere. By the end of the book, I wish the reader will be ‘taking home’ an appreciation of the joy and sorrow of daily moments through the lens of science.