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English | Yankı Yazgan | Page 2

Category: English


Yankee Come Home

In November of 1970 I called out to our English teacher John Young as he was leaving the classroom. Actually I didn’t call out, I shouted: “Yankee go home!” He blushed red and turned back; “Who was it who shouted?”…


America’s Secret

It is no accident that books and DVDs claiming to offer the solution to the mystery of life and the key to happiness/wealth (how to become the owner of a new home/car or heaps of cash) come from America (and…

Feelings Run Faster

The Guide Magazine: Feelings Run Faster

Istanbul is a city that elicits extreme reactions from both its residents and visitors. Love it or hate it, can’t wait to leave it, or can’t live without it, one thing is certain: this city will not leave you cold….


what are the limitations of FRF?

Feelings Run Faster, a book where for the sake of brevity, I had to compromise on details of neurobiology, limiting myself to only the most relevant. The style of writing did not allow for use of references, since most of…


what is FeelingsRunFaster about?

In FeelingsRunFaster, while trying to be loyal to my scientific background, I did my best to avoid being boring. When I finished the book, I first wrote the ‘limitations’, with a habit remaining from writing scientific research articles, and then…


If there is a Turkish coffee, there is a Turkish brain.

bu sunumu Sn Hazım Ellialtı’nın istanbul’daki tepe yöneticilerin düzenli bir toplantısına beni davetinde yaptım. ingilizce olmasının sebebi grubun içinde türkçe bilmeyen çok uluslu yöneticilerin bulunması. türkçeleştirdiğimde buraya yerleştiririm. Brain alla turca (speaker notes, 20 Feb 2012) Yankı Yazgan If there…