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(1991) I was an adult psychiatry resident at the time of this writing, about 25 years ago. Later on, I moved to the US where I finished my fellowship in child and adolescent psychiatry along with a research training. I…



Commentary on: “CHILD PSYCHIATRIC DIAGNOSIS AND CLASSIFICATION: CONCEPTS, FINDINGS, CHALLENGES & POTENTIAL” by Sir Michael Rutter Mothers may be among the best diagnosticians of developmental and behavioral problems in young children. If not for the positive predictive power of the mother’s…

A man of words

Some highlights from the speech; Earlier and repeated exposure to words in familiar contexts increases vocabulary. Words are the tools for faster and elaborate processing of the internal and external world. The initial steps for expanding vocabulary requires a lot…

Can a change of name change one’s fortune?

You know how when you give your order at a stand-up-coffeehouse, where quick service is given to customers on foot, they ask for your name and write it on the coffee container, so as not to mix it up with…


The Genetics of Inflation

A rise in inflation is expected… Though it may seem old news, like “Snow is expected this weekend,” or “Communism is on the way this winter,” (as in the discourse of the cold war political leaders who wanted to intimidate…


Yankee Come Home

In November of 1970 I called out to our English teacher John Young as he was leaving the classroom. Actually I didn’t call out, I shouted: “Yankee go home!” He blushed red and turned back; “Who was it who shouted?”…


America’s Secret

It is no accident that books and DVDs claiming to offer the solution to the mystery of life and the key to happiness/wealth (how to become the owner of a new home/car or heaps of cash) come from America (and…

Feelings Run Faster

The Guide Magazine: Feelings Run Faster

Istanbul is a city that elicits extreme reactions from both its residents and visitors. Love it or hate it, can’t wait to leave it, or can’t live without it, one thing is certain: this city will not leave you cold….